When hosting a barbecue, it can be a hassle to prepare individual drinks for each of your guests. Instead of spending your time playing bartender, don’t you agree that you should be enjoying your event? Because we care, we have compiled a list of drinks which can be prepared ahead of time in pitchers so your guests will remain satisfied and you can enjoy the festivities!

Gin Drinks

  • Germaine Gin and Tonic: you can add a twist to the traditional gin and tonic by mixing in St. Germaine’s Elderflower liqueur.
  • Gin Fizz: this drink features gin, lemon juice, lime juice, and simple syrup with club soda. You can mix all of the ingredients beforehand and then add in the club soda at the last minute so it retains its fizz.
  • Limoncello Collins: this drink is your traditional Tom Collins with limoncello added for a refreshing and delicious drink.

Rum Drinks:

  • Pop-Up Paradise Rum Punch: this drink calls for coconut rum, pineapple juice, sorbet, ginger ale, and mango. This creamy, bubbly punch is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser.
  • Malibu Driver: for a quick and simple concoction, mix one part Malibu rum and two parts orange juice.

Whiskey Drinks:

  • Dickelade: this drink combines George Dickel No. 12 with lemonade. It’s similar to an Arnold Palmer, but with whiskey instead of tea.
  • Whiskey Sour Punch: this drink calls for whiskey with orange and lemon ingredients, and just enough simple syrup to add the perfect touch of sweetness.
  • Frisco Sour: this classic blends bourbon, lemon, lime, and Benedictine. Since this drink is rather strong, you can weaken it with ice or add a few splashes of club soda.

Vodka Drinks:

  • Moscow Mule: this classic mixes ginger beer, vodka, and lime.
  • Felicia Cocktail: this drink blends apple-flavored vodka with cranberry juice for a simple yet sweet creation.

Of course, not all of your guests may want or be able to drink your alcoholic creations. Therefore, it is important that you also offer pitchers of non-alcoholic drinks as well. Below is a list of our top suggestions for your next barbecue.

  • Pineapple Ginger Sparkler: in a pitcher mix ginger ale, pineapple juice, fresh slices of ginger and oranges, and then add fresh basil leaves. This sweet and refreshing drink is guaranteed to satisfy every palate.
  • Non-Alcoholic Sangria: combine passion fruit juice, sparkling water, fresh slices of kiwi, oranges, star fruits, limes, and fresh cranberries for this delightful mocktail.
  • Sparkling Summer Limeade: this drink features blueberries, diced kiwi, pineapple, mango, and strawberries with limeade concentrate and lemon-lime soda. This drink promises to outshine any limeade you have ever tasted.
  • Margarita Mocktail: this drinks calls for honey, limeade concentrate, fresh limejuice, grapefruit juice, almond extract, orange extract, flake salt, chili powder, and limes for garnish. These ingredients come together to create a harmonious taste that will leave your guests asking for a refill.

Now that you are equipped with this arsenal of alcoholic and non-alcoholic mixed drinks for your next barbecue, hopefully you will have the opportunity to indulge in some of these refreshing drinks yourself with all the time and energy you save preparing them in advance!