When you purchase a quality wine, you will want to ensure that it is stored in the ideal conditions so it has the chance to survive until your next wine craving. To help you preserve your wine, below are some key points to keep in mind.
Keep it Cool
Wine is best stored at around 55 degrees (Fahrenheit) — too much heat can spoil your wine. You also want to ensure that your wine is consistently stored at the same temperature because drastic fluctuations can ruin your wine. You should also consider humid storage spaces. A higher humidity level will prevent the cork from shrinking and allowing oxygen to enter, which would cause the wine to oxidize. Ideal humidity is between 65-75%.
Keep It Dark
If a wine is constantly in direct light, it will affect the wine’s flavor and result in premature aging. White wines are usually more sensitive to light degradation, but reds are also susceptible.
Store the Bottle on its Side
Storing a bottle on its side will help keep the cork in constant contact with the wine. This keeps the cork moist and prevents it from shrinking, which could cause oxygen to enter the bottle and spoil your wine through oxidation.
Properly storing your wine does not have to be overly complicated. Just remember to keep it cool, dark, and sideways, and you will be able to successfully store wine both short and long-term with confidence.