When hosting an elegant Christmas dinner, you want to create a dressy but approachable atmosphere for your guests. To help you strike this balance, below are some tips for your holiday event.

Color Palette
For a Christmas dinner, a neutral palette of golds, silvers, and creams can create a luxurious and sophisticated impression. You can then juxtapose these more regal colors with earthy elements such as cedar togs and bare tiger-wood branches nestled in a chandelier. If you have the space, place a small Christmas tree in your dining room and decorate it with gold and silver ornaments to emphasize your color palette and tie the room together.

For your centerpiece, consider a hollowed-out log and fill it with a combination of roses, hydrangeas, and Leyland Cyprus for a luxurious, yet earthy look.
Another option is to mix mirrors and candlelight. Purchase some antique mirrors and place them underneath some cream-colored candles. The mirrors will maximize the light cast from the candles, giving your room a soothing ambience.

Napkin Holders
You can fashion beautiful, elegant napkin holders from taffeta ribbon looped through vintage belt buckles. This combination will offer a sleek counterpoint to the room’s cedar logs and antique mirrors. Varying the size and shape of the napkin rings can also prevent it from appearing too overwhelming.

Place Card Holders
You can simply re-purpose drawer knobs to make eye-catching place card holders. To secure the cards better, you can replace the stock washers with wider ones.

Signature Drink
Every elegant party has a signature drink. Why not offer your guests a spicy after-dinner eggnog garnished with whipped cream, cinnamon, and nutmeg and accompany it with some cookies to provide the perfect end to you meal?