Enjoying an exquisite dish is one of the most delightful experiences a person can enjoy, but pairing it with the right wine is the way to take that experience to a whole new level. At Cello Ristorante & Bar you not only get to indulge in creative, Italian preparations splashed with spices from owner Doug Ayres’ global travels and made from regionally foraged ingredients, but you also get to combine them with the finest wines available. From red to white and dry to sweet you’ll find brands typically sourced from regions that range from Napa Valley to Paso Robles or others sourced from France such as Veuve Clicquot and Mumm; Cello will surely have what your palate is looking for.

Choosing the right wine for your dish is considered an art that not many people master but here is what you should know to aid in enhancing the flavors. Remember they’re supposed to help one another and not hide one another, that’s why rich foods need a rich wine that won’t fade in comparison to bold flavors, while light foods need a delicate wine so the flavors aren’t overwhelmed.

For example, if you decide to visit Cello at lunch, you can ask for thyme seared day boat scallops that will pair perfectly with a Pinot Grigio, a wine which is best matched with light dishes (particularly seafood). If you prefer to admire Paso’s beautiful warm evenings in summer or cozy dining in winter, then you can’t miss the opportunity to ask for an oak grill fired steak like a prime 10oz. sirloin and accompany it with Cabernet Sauvignon or Bordeaux. The firm tannins (the sharp component in red wine that gives the fluid structure) in these wines refresh the palate after each bite of meat, plus they need fat to help balance and soften the wine’s strong tannins after-taste. As a general rule: heavy goes with heavy and light goes with light.

Pinot Grigio is a crisp, clean, immensely food-friendly white that will also go perfectly with Cello’s daily selection of local, fresh, sustainable seafood and its pasta carbonara with pancetta, cream sauce and Chef’s Garden Herbs. Fish is best paired with white wine because of the acidic content; for example, foods that usually pair well with lemon such as salads with vinaigrettes; the Sauvignon Blanc is well known for that due to the fact that the acid in wine specifically brings out the citrus tones in your meal and Cello’s big eye tuna carpaccio with sustainable salmon tartare is also a great match. The wood fired oven flatbread made with 100% all-natural chicken, pesto and kale pesto will pair finely with white wines as well.

Whether you choose to go with friends, family,  your partner or even to enjoy some alone time, Cello Ristorante & Bar offers you the chance to delight your palate with an amazing variety of wines and a delicious selection of dishes cooked with fresh and sustainable ingredients that will surely make your meal an experience. All you’ll have to do is raise your glass and enjoy it!