Expect the Unexpected: Innovative Food Trends to be Featured at Summer Weddings

With more brides and grooms seeking to individualize their weddings, the style of wedding dress and band they hire is not all that they are personalizing. Now, there are new trends in the type of foods featured at weddings. This summer, expect some new, innovative, and delicious food trends.

Menus that Celebrate the Bride and Groom’s Favorite Foods
Many couples are opting for menus that commemorate food items from their favorite restaurants or meals that they have cooked together. Or, if they have enjoyed food from a foreign destination, caterers will incorporate this cuisine into the menu.

Brunch Menus
Because everyone loves brunch. More and more couples are choosing to feature foods from this beloved meal since it’s an easy way to feature both savory and sweet options that will satisfy everyone. Get excited because you are likely to see an increase in gourmet brunches this summer!

Dietary Restriction Friendly Menus
Couples are increasingly aware that many of their guests have dietary restrictions, such as gluten or dairy sensitivities. As a result, many menus will now have a greater variety of choices for vegetarians, vegans, and everyone in between.

Local Ingredients
In the past few years, the world has become more conscious of where their food comes from. This consciousness is now appearing in wedding cuisines as many couples now prefer their wedding food to come from local markets rather than corporate grocery stores.

Comfort Food
Traditionally, wedding food is gourmet and elegant. Now, however, there is a rise in “inelegant” food, or comfort food, being served at weddings. Get ready to indulge in some fried chicken and waffle fries!

DIY Food
Instead of providing guests with a complex bar menu, couples are now giving their guests the power to customize their drinks — and make the drinks themselves with provided alcohol and mixers. There will also be an increase in salad and taco bars, which also allow you to customize what you consume. You may find yourself taking on the role of bartender or chef at the next wedding you attend!

Food Trucks
Food trucks have become extremely popular at many events, so why shouldn’t they be equally appreciated at weddings? They are economical, easy to eat, and serve a variety of different cuisines to keep everyone satisfied.

Dessert Table
Weddings are an opportunity for many people to indulge, so why limit your guests to cake when they could enjoy a variety of sweet treats? Now more than ever couples are treating their guests to a large selection of desserts.

Weddings are exciting celebrations to begin with, but with these new food trends, you have even more to look forward to this summer!