Even when the wine is finished, a wine bottle can be transformed into anything from a useful household tool to stylish decor. If you feel like getting creative, we have included three ways for you to re-purpose your empty wine bottle!


Bird Feeder

  1. Tools: saw, hammer, drill with hole saw fitting, tape measure, rasp, and sandpaper
  2. One empty wine bottle with labels removed
  3. One 1-meter 20cm thick plank, 40cm wider than your wine bottle
  4. Screws and panel pins


  1. Measure and cut the backboard (150mm longer than your bottle) as well as the table and neck supports (10mm wider than your bottle).
  2. Using a hole saw, cut the neck hole in the center of the neck support section. Smooth the neck hole for a snug fit using a rasp or sandpaper.
  3. Screw the table section to the bottom end of the back support.
  4. Using 10mm wide lengths of plank, or some spare beading, pin three edges to the table. This will reduce the seed spillage.
  5. Insert the bottle into the neck support and position it approximately 20mm from the table. Mark the position and then screw the neck support to the backboard.
  6. Cut 20mm wide lengths of plank, 20mm longer than the bottle width. Position these as the bottle base support and screw into position.
  7. Cut another 20mm length to act as the bottom beam. Ensure the bottle fits snugly in place with a bit of give, but not so much that it rattles.
  8. Screw the cross beam in place, attaching the two side supports to complete your base support.
  9. Find a location for your new bird feeder! Drill and attach the unit to a wall, shed, or other flat surface. Fill the bottle with seeds and place it into position.


Candy Dispenser

  1. One empty wine bottle with labels removed
  2. Chalkboard Paint
  3. Painter’s Tape
  4. Chalk
  5. Candy of Choice


  1. Once you decide how wide you want your candy label to be, use painter’s tape to make straight lines.
  2. Carefully apply the chalkboard paint within the painter’s tape. If you want to apply a second coat, wait until the first layer dries.
  3. Once the chalkboard paint is completely dry, remove the painter’s tape.
  4. Use a piece of chalk to label the candy dispenser. If you make an error, you can wash off the chalk by using a damp paper towel.
  5. Fill your new candy dispenser with you candy of choice. Some suggestions include, M&M’s, candy corn, Skittles, and Smarties.


Wine Bottle Centerpiece

  1. One empty wine bottle with labels removed
  2. Paint (color is optional)
  3. Epsom Salt
  4. Mod Podge
  5. Paint brush


  1. Paint your bottle. After two coats of paint there will be less streaking.
  2. Once the paint is dry, paint the Mod Podge onto your bottle and have you Epsom salt ready on a piece of newspaper. After you apply the Mod Podge, roll your bottle in the Epsom salt to cover completely. You may need to pour the Epsom salt onto the neck of the bottle to ensure it is covered.

Let the bottle dry and then you can insert flowers into the opening, or anything else you wish, to create a beautiful centerpiece.